Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where We Are Now

Since the cover, RPG has drawn out four more pages for us. We have devised a system resembling an assembly line. My husband makes a rough sketch of each page including dialog. The page is sent to RPG who does a pencil sketch of the page (only his look better). Finally, I receive the sketches and use my computer to ink, color, and add the all important speech bubbles.

Right now, our intention is to unleash Ice Pick onto the world starting April 6th and releasing a new page every week. It is going to be a hard wait for me because I am an impatient person and eager to show the world what I can do.

The status of the project:

Cover and pages 1-4: Completed and ready for release
Page 5: In the coloring phase. 95% complete
Pages 6-8: With RPG
Pages 8+: In my husband's hands waiting to be sent over to RPG. Still need to take some pictures for concepts on the fight scene.

Ice Pick: The Beginning

It was several years ago that my husband came to me with the idea of his own. He had an idea for a super hero comic called Ice Pick. Because of my hobby, I wished to be a part of it, but we quickly discovered that neither one of us had the drawing skill to really bring the comic to life. The comic was iced so to speak until late last year.

My husband had been growing restless and needed his own creative outlet. I suggested the comic again, but he reminded me of the lack of drawing skill between us. In an act of desperation I cast my nets into The Duck Webcomics, searching for someone to draw my husband's creation. It started out with a request for someone to redesign our original cover image (which the only page that two year period). There were a couple of responses and some good designs, but no one was willing to commit to the long haul.

It was getting near Christmas, so I asked Ryan for one last chance to reel in an artist. If one would not come, we would have to abandon the comic for another year or so. I requested the cover to be redrawn within The Duck's Secret Santa. Right after my request there was a comment, "lol for some reason I'm kinda hoping i get niccea's [that is my username] one =P it looks interesting."

The post was made by RPGgrenade. His main comic is about a bar, which was perfect considering that the hero for Ice Pick is a bartender. We reached out to him, and before the Secret Santa was even assigned, he made us a new cover for the comic and offered to draw the rest for us.

First Frost

Disclaimer: I don't know that much about blogging and this if my first time engaging in the art. This was recommended by my awesome professor Lin O'Neill.

My name is Clara. I don't make my own living at this moment. I'm getting my MBA next year if all goes according to plan.

Since my sophomore year of college in 2007, I have been engaged in creating and reading webcomics. These comics have been, by default, whimsical in nature and not really meant to be viewed by the public and were used as a creative outlet. At the beginning of this year I have engaged in a much bigger project, Ice Pick.