Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where We Are Now

Since the cover, RPG has drawn out four more pages for us. We have devised a system resembling an assembly line. My husband makes a rough sketch of each page including dialog. The page is sent to RPG who does a pencil sketch of the page (only his look better). Finally, I receive the sketches and use my computer to ink, color, and add the all important speech bubbles.

Right now, our intention is to unleash Ice Pick onto the world starting April 6th and releasing a new page every week. It is going to be a hard wait for me because I am an impatient person and eager to show the world what I can do.

The status of the project:

Cover and pages 1-4: Completed and ready for release
Page 5: In the coloring phase. 95% complete
Pages 6-8: With RPG
Pages 8+: In my husband's hands waiting to be sent over to RPG. Still need to take some pictures for concepts on the fight scene.

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