Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Darklight

Because Ozoneocean, one of The Duck admins, had been complaining of having too much on his plate, I was one of the few people that offered to help in whatever way I could. The result was that I got to right the post for the 3/1 feature comic, Project Darklight. This is what I wrote:

The world is a scary place, right? It is filled with things that are things that are human and less than human planning the end of the world or something to that song and dance. Luckily for us there is the Project Darklight! The comic follows the adventures of Girl, a creepy girl with a creepier talking teddy bear, and Amaru, the end result of a cult trying to bring a god into the world. These two partners have disappeared, spirited away by peoples with less than benevolent intents. Now it is up to Banshee to track them down before the world goes poof. This horror comic has dark lines, but pastel colours for the art which sets that tone for the story. The result is that many of the pages look like they were painted.
By Rashi, rated M.

Read Project Darklight .

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