Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Ice Pick?

My best friend commented that the name of the comic (and the blog) sounds like some mobster's name.

When my husband was part of the World Martial Arts club at his University, the club members gave each other fighting names. During my husband's second sparing session he was pitted against someone dubbed Mammoth. My husband noticed that Mammoth was much bigger, so he focused his attack on his legs. When he had Mammoth on the run, my husband dropped his elbow into the front of his head. After the fight was over, other club members commented on his finishing move saying it looked like he was driving in an icepick. From then on his fighting name at the club was Icepick.

My husband thought that the name was a good descriptor for his fighting style and also would make a good name for a superhero like character. So this name was given over to the title character of the comic. However, this is not why the character was called Ice Pick, himself. Read the comic when it comes out in a month to see where it comes from.

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