Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life: Housing Adventure

Our house is going up very quickly. We are staying reserved though we are still a couple of months out. We are spending almost every Saturday in our new area. Not only are we checking out the house but we are exploring into resturants and other such places. My one complaint right now is that the Kroges near our neighborhood does not have almond milk...yet.

In comic news, I am working on the next page of Ice Pick inbetween work (going well) and being forced to watch Star Trek: Voyager by my husband (not bad but I keep figuring out the plot in advance).

As far as the Drunk Duck Awards for this year go, we are working on hammering out the catergories for this year. There are a couple of ones that may be going away if a strong enough case is built up. I will be getting up links, banners and advertsejent up soon for it.

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