Monday, July 2, 2012

The Drunk Duck Awards 2012

Hello everyone! I hope I haven't gotten you sick of the Drunk Duck Awards yet, but this must be said... Right now, voting is well  under way, but it does not end there! Throughout the month of August, volunteers will be judging the nominated comics and others will be making the presentations that are the backbone of the awards comic. There is still a lot of room left for volunteers, and I will never say no to anyone even if I get too many (unlikely). So, if you have some free time in August, places contact me to volunteer. Get your friends involved too. We will make this the best awards ever!

Don't forget to vote for Ice Pick.


  1. Hi, I apologize in advance for asking you this here. I noticed how active you are on Drunk Duck and I am getting very desperate! I have been completely locked out of my Drunk Duck account and the email they provide is bouncing my emails. I humbly ask if you could please spare a min and post on the forum to let them know that the 'reset password' function is going to an error page and their emails at are bouncing. My apologies again and thank you. I will definitely follow you if I can ever get back on!

    1. What is your account name? I can get word to the admins.