Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Lose A Day: Frustration

This Sunday I spent most of the day working on page 16. I spent Friday through Sunday on the endeavour. I finally finished with the page around 10 pm on Sunday night and was hitting save when my computer shut itself down. I could have sworn that I was saving consistently, but when I loaded the page again, I had lost half a day's worth of work. Thankfully, I save after most of the tricky stuff so I don't have to repeat all of that. The only problem is, I did all this work so I wouldn't have to worry about it during the work week (today is my first day of my new job). Luckily, I am just going through training and school won't be starting again for another week.  I am hoping to to get Chapter 1 done before the start of school. With page 16, there are only two pages left, so this should be obtainable. Afterward, I just have to wait from more pages from Jamie before continuing on to Chapter 2.

In the mean time, I will be undertaking two projects. First, of course, is the Drunk Duck Awards. Almost everything is complete fr this. I just have to get everything in order. The awards will start being announced on September 10th. My other project is going back and revamping some Chapter 1 pages. I will be attempting to make the style more consistent with the later pages. I will also be going back and making the typeface more consistent. The final revamp I am doing for Chapter 1 will be behind the scenes unless changes to the archive are necessary. I will be making all pages a consistent file dimension and type. This will definitely come into play later as we have a goal to get this project published. So yeah. That is how things are running now. Please tell your friends/followers about our little comic.

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