Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Awards Are Done But...

Alright, I have had some scheduling issues arise.  I am finished with the presentation of the Awards. Now all that I have to do is make a credit page. I have a class that keeps changing the due dates on the paper. So I am trying to get it done now before the professor changes her mind again. It is a relatively easy paper, considering, but it does take time to write these things and get them done right. The good news is, if my math is correct, I would have to fail the paper to get less than an A in the class. There is a 1% chance that I am wrong with this math, so I am not concerned. I just have to do the paper and do it to the best of my ability and do it right. As long as I don’t flub up my spelling and grammar, the paper should be adequate. I will be done with the paper by Wednesday.

But I know you are reading this blog and want to hear more about “Ice Pick” and less about “Life.” Good news there. The cover for chapter 2 is already done. In fact, it is already on the comic as the background. It was provided by Call Me Tom during the Summer Art Exchange.  Jamie did his own version of the cover, and it will be shown, but we will be moving it to chapter 3. Page 1 of chapter 2 is already inked and just needs its color. So, I am aiming to start releasing the chapter in a week. Simultaneously with this event, I will start mirroring the comic on the blog. There will be no difference between the pages, so if you are a Duck, don’t worry about it. This is just to make the comic more available to non-Ducks.

Until then, enjoy this picture of our cat taunting the dog by choosing her crate as his napping spot. 

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