Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From Life to Comic

When I was originally planning on drawing And Brother Makes Three by myself, I was going to use my own drawing style. I don't draw too much, but I tend to specialize in anthropomorphic characters. Since it was going to include a more fantastical look to it, I was going to rename the characters as well. My character would have gone by the old fallback, Niccea. Ryan would be Ice. And my brother would be called Octane or Auto (because he is a car enthusiast).

When my husband came on to the project, he wanted to base the comic characters closer in reality. I hope that this won't cause too much confusion as Danny and Michelle from Ice Pick have their designs based on us. I will try to change up my husband's look a little bit when we get to the comic to make him distinct from Danny. My counterpart in the comic won't look too much like Michelle as I have an entirely different style from her.

Of course, with the new character designs, the names would have to be more reality grounded as well. It lead to quite the argument with my husband as it was hard to think of a name for my character that wasn't my usual fall back. We ended up choosing Elaine for my character's name and Billy for my husband's character. My brother we were going to call Mikey (but keep Auto as a nickname). Later, I made the argument to not change our names as it is a slice-of-life comic. I will use the Niccea, Ice, and Auto names in my scripting as my sort of Blue Harvest.

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