Sunday, July 26, 2015

Starting A New Project

While things are slow with Ice Pick, Ryan and I are going to be working on And Brother Makes Three. As I stated previously, my brother has given us plenty of material both real and exaggerated. Right now, I estimate that we have seven and a half months worth of material.

The hardest part of the new project was division of labor. With Ice Pick we have my husband write the story and provide mock ups for each page. RPGgrenade drew out the pages in the final style with pencils. Then, I would take the sketches and turn them into the final product of the pages. This is what lead to the breakdown with the comic. (We haven't gotten new sketches in a while.)

I was originally intending to do the pages for this new comic from front to back on my own. However, Ryan wanted to participate in the project as well. Since this comic will be in strip style, it doesn't require the level of detail that Ice Pick does, so we can do the work just ourselves. The running plan for this comic is form my husband and I to keep a working list of scenarios that we want to include in the comic. My husband will draw the comic using both the list and some improv pages that he comes with. (He claims that he draws better and is funnier than me). Then, I will have my usually role of putting the finished pages together.

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