Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Fight Scene!

I had been looking forward to making and posting page 11 since March. I finally got it up on Sunday. Now I'm going to show some side by sides for the last two panels of the page.

In March, these were two of the pictures we took for concepts. The angle is different from the comic but it still shows some of the movement.

Once again, my husband is playing the role of Danny while my little brother is the attacker. My husband also included some draw n concepts for Jamie to reflect the angle that he wanted to show of the fight scene.

Jamie sent this drawn page back to us.

He changed up the panel on the left to show that Danny is winding up for the punch. In a total of a week, I finished the page.

My motion lines will turn out a lot better in the next two pages. 

Now, there was one part that was hard about doing this page. Last week, we got a kitten. He likes to attack the computer screen, walk all over the keys, and sit on my shoulders. So, any major issues with this page, I can blame on this critter.

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