Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been very busy lately and almost couldn't get the page in on time. I started my job in full swing at a water park. Since this is a job with the public, I can't do what I did with other jobs and work on comics. At past jobs and comics, when I was the sole artist, I could get my drafting done, and even, on some occasions, inking. Since my job for this comic is purely digital, I can only work on it at home. It makes things very frustrating for me. The only thing I have been able to occupy my time with is reading. If I was disloyal, I would find a project I could have lead on so I have something to do at work.

I'm looking forward to next week because that is the meat of this fight scene. I will be able to do side by side comparisons of the concept photos and the actual fight scene.

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