Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Trip to Comic Con Dallas

As I've been mentioning. We went to Comic Con in Dallas last Sunday. I now finally have some time to write about it and share some pictures.

When we woke up Sunday morning, I quickly remembered that I don't have any comic book related T-shirts. Even my husband has a Captain America shirt and a Spiderman shirt. So on our way to Irving, we stopped in a Kohl's and bought the only graphic tee I could find in the junior's department.

And then we went to Comic Con:

There was a Back to the Future DeLorean outside:

I admit that we didn't do much while there. At least things that I took pictures of. There was a local comic publisher called Ape Entertainment on one of the floors. They were looking at other people's comics as well as showing what they sold in their store. They had a white board in their room for people to show off their art work. I had Ice Pick on my tablet and replicated one the panels (from a page that isn't up yet).

We went to the Exhibit hall and my husband bought some of the first issues of the New 52. We also saw some the comic book artists working on commissions in the back of the room. We didn't have any money to order them but I saw one of them (I can't remember the name) working on a water color of the Green Goblin. I didn't know that you could do that level of detail and precision with that medium. I kinda hope I didn't stare too much. But he did turn his paper around as he worked so I could see better.

Ryan and I hope that within a couple of years if we can keep up with Ice Pick we can have a stronger presence at the convention. Just having the first 13 pages of Ice Pick on my tablet turned some heads. I of course gave Jaime his full credit for doing the art for our comic. It took both Ryan and I to make the drawing on the white board.

After loitering around for two and a half hours, we left...after getting a good picture of a man dressed as the Joker.

After some lunch and shopping we picked up my younger brother, and went to see The Avengers (first time for him, second time for us).


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