Friday, May 18, 2012

A Well Deserved Rest

I have just finished inking 4 pages in less than a week. Every page is better than the last, I feel. The last page I worked in had some wonderful texture work that Jaime did with his pencil. I tried very hard to replicate it when I inked it. When that page comes out, I believe I will at least release Jamie's original panel, because, although my ink is good, it just doesn't have the same life. I now have 9 pages of the comic completely done and pages 10 -13 inked and ready for coloring. As it is, page 9 won't even premiere until the first of June. So, I'm going to take a week off working on the comic to rest. I'll still work on the Fiverr commissions I may get, but I'm going to take time to tend to my home and my reading list.

Last week I checked in on the FLYlady website. It breaks down the cleaning of an entire house into different rooms doing one room a week and spending time cleaning the room in 15 minute intervals a day. It is not just a plan, it is a lifestyle. In the past week, I've gotten more done in 15 minutes a day than trying to devote the entire day to cleaning. I can now brag that my kitchen, once a major point of contention between me and my mom, is now cleaner than hers. I'm going to take a week to really get deeper into the system to make our apartment very welcoming to guests.

The other thing I intend to be doing is catching up on my reading. I tend to check out 6 books from the public library at a time. In the past week I have only gotten one book read whereas, normally, I have 3 books read by now. Admittedly, the 1st book was read within a day and I just haven't had time to read the second book I grabbed.

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