Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Side Project

My good friend and killer webcomic artist, Harkovast asked me to give him a hand with a new comic he is working on. I had offered to color for him in the past and I guess he took up my offer on it finally. So, I present to you.

This comic features his characters from Harkovast (left to right: Shogun, Chen-chen, Muir) in zany college antics. I'm not given much creative say in the matter so Harkovast keeps ignoring my pleas to do something about the fact that it looks more like "The High School Years" to me.

Harkovast, however has told me what these characters are majoring in and how it will effect this gag a day strip. Shogun is the old fashioned college jock getting his "major" in Kinesiology. Chen is an Art Major, and Muir is getting a degree in General Studies.

Of course, it would be boring to have them in class so much of the comic will be in the hallway. I keep trying to tell him that there is no way these three would see each other frequently in a normal college environment, so he tell me to shut up and get back to coloring...or cause he is from the UK...colouring.

Be sure to read this new comic and his original, Harkovast.

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