Saturday, April 21, 2012

The DD Awards 2012

Last year, because of the circumstances surrounding The Duck Webcomics (formerly Drunk Duck Webcomics) site update and name change, I found myself in the position of running The DD Awards last year. Because of the value running a big project like this has toward my career and gives me practice with a lot of things effective managers have to do everyday, I'm hosting again this year.

The awards are still called The DD Awards (or Drunk Duck) in homage to the site's previous and much more interesting name.

Expect for this blog to have some info here and there related to the awards on occasion for the next couple of weeks.

Sadly, Ice Pick, will not be much of a contender this year because it is so new, but my team and I look forward to becoming major competition next year.

These are the awards I was nominated for last year:

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