Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Two Moons Bar

Welcome to the Two Moons Bar:

I actually added the full page

I had made a nice long post about the bar, but then blogger lost all my information. I'm a little ticked off of it right now. I'm not sure I can remember everything I had originally made but I will try.

The Two Moons Bar is based of the Three Moons Pub which was a setting in an RP I did back in high school. I was the one that came up with the name. I might give a prize if anyone can figure out the meaning of the name correctly.

The bar is a sort of fantasy of my husband and me. We would love to gather the money the and resources to actually open this bar for real. We even have ideas for the menu including the Light and Dark Sides of the Moon (healthy and less healthy menu choices). Our bar would probably have a different color scheme and a larger layout.

This manifestation of the bar is owned and run by Jimmy. The name was given to the character in homage to my husband's car that broke down in November. I had originally colored the booth seat a dark color of blue, but Ryan insisted on standard red.

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